“Killer shrimps” are coming

Killer-shrimpsFirst came the deadly giant Asian hornets – now the government are warning about killer shrimp.

The critters, which can lay 200 eggs at a time, are attacking wildlife in the UK.

The shrimp can grow up to 3cm in length but it is their threat to the environment and human health that has resulted in the latest warning.

They are said to get their name from their forceful nature, killing other animals when there is no need for them to eat.

The Environmental Audit Committee, Parliament’s green watchdog, said Britain needs tougher laws to stop creatures that threaten the environment and human health.

It said there were 1,875 non-native species counted in the UK, 282 of which had become ‘invasive’.
Japanese Knotweed, North American signal crayfish, the ruddy duck and zebra mussels are also on the list of animals that threaten Britain.

And the report warns there is currently no monitoring in place for ‘invasive non-native species‘.

It says: “As yet there is no formal surveillance system in place in Great Britain that could effectively trigger action to ensure early eradication of invasive species before they become established.

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