Last Of Us Dethroned By Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

video gamesThe Last Of Us has been dethroned from the top of the all platform video game charts, replaced by the retail version of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Pikmin 3 on the Wii U was the highest new entry, at number 2, while the only other new entry in the top 20 was New Super Luigi U in at number 13.

1 (2) – Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

It’s fair to say that Minecraft has been a gaming revolution since its launch as a working title on the PC in 2009. It now has more than 25 million registered Xbox users with the majority of these coming from download sales prior to the release of the retail version. In its fifth week in the charts, Minecraft has finally made it to the top spot as gamers continue to build and create their own gaming world in what is essentially an advanced Lego game.

2 (-) – Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 is this week’s highest new entry and the Wii U exclusive title was only beaten to the top by what was a massive surge in Minecraft sales. The game is widely considered the first major first party title on the Wii U and Nintendo will be hoping that the bizarre antlike Pikmin will be able to transform the fortunes of a console that has already been removed from Asda shelves due to poor demand.

3 (1) – The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us broke some serious records during its time at the top. It is one of the most successful PS3 specific titles to have been launched and spent six weeks at the top, equalling the performance of games like Black Ops 2, which had the advantage of multi-platform sales. The zombies were beaten this week by digital legal brick building and some weird antlike helpers.

4 (4) – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has helped give some much needed life to the 3DS and if you love town and world management sims, the likes of which are found regularly on Facebook and other social networking sites, you are almost certain to love this title, which is enjoying its seventh week in the charts.

5 (3) – Mario And Luigi: Dream Team Bros

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros is another 3DS exclusive title and while it may have slipped a couple of positions in its third week it is still proving a popular hit with owners of the Nintendo handheld console. Will its performance be reinvigorated next week?

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