Latest PS4 News

play station 4For a change, we have some news straight from the horse’s mouth regarding one of the year’s most hotly anticipated home gadgets – the Sony Playstation 4. The next generation console is set for launch later in the year, with rumours suggesting a global release date to ensure that everybody will be able to get their hands on one at the same time. It has also been announced that Sony have done everything they can to design a system that is less expensive than its predecessor proved to be. Despite this, there is some pretty innovative tech lined up under the hood and as peripherals.

The system looks like it will blow not only the existing PS3 but its rivals out of the water too. It has
eight AMD Jaguar cores and an AMD Radeon graphics card. This not only means masses of power but it also means that it should prove easier for companies to code games in the same way they would for a PC.

It isn’t lacking in memory power either with 8GB of seriously fast GDDR5 memory. This means that you can switch off and restart the console after a few seconds and be taken to precisely where you were when you left off. Quite why you would want to do that, we’re not entirely sure, but if you did want to then the PS 4 makes it possible.

Sony has been busy telling investors about the new system and how they have learned lessons from the manufacture and distribution of the PS3. They have put losses on the PS3 down to the development of the Cell chip. They further go on to say that they have a lot of the technology now in place and will be outsourcing some of the work to external groups and companies. This means that the machines will cost less to produce although whether these price reductions will be passed on to customers remains to be seen as no price tag has yet been set.

Another key component of the PS4 will be the newly designed controller. Not only will it have improved rumble and vibrate features but the console will track player movement as well as controller movement to give an even greater all round experience. There are bound to be further improvements and announcements over the coming months and there will be various rumours abound too.

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