Leak Reveals Google Play To Include Achievements And Leaderboards

Google PlayA new services app from Google looks to be taking the company’s Play games service front and centre to compete with the likes of Xbox Live. Leaked photos, reported by Android Police, show that the new update will have a lot of features that are strikingly similar to that of the Microsoft owned games console, in fact. Achievements will pop up while playing, matchmaking will be made available, and you can view a selection of daily, weekly, and all time leaderboards.

The service will be running using Google+ as its platform. This is almost certainly another attempt by the search engine giant to drag new users over to the social network. They have secured new signups aplenty in recent months but they won’t be happy until they have the kind of user numbers and engagement figures that Facebook can boast. Use of the Play Games platform may well require Google+ integration and it will almost certainly encourage greater use by Play members.

Games that support these new Play features will be given their own little logo that can be displayed, another favourite technique with Google. While the rumoured new service may sound a lot like Xbox Live, it’s obvious introduction as a more social gaming platform means that it may be expected to compete with Apple Game Centre instead. There’s no mistaking the draw that achievements and leaderboards have brought to online gaming and Google could well bring this un a more unified manner to the social gaming sphere.

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