Lenovo Lancues Top End Smartphone, The K900

Lenovo K900Lenovo have announced that their new top end K900 smartphone, which has already been released in China, will be made available in Europe although no exact date has yet been detailed. The phone is the first to use Intel’s new Atom Z2580 chip and has a host of features that will put it against the likes of the HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy S4, and the iPhone 5. The one area where it may not compete is in price, and at a rumoured £350 this is because it will come out as being the cheaper option.

The K900 has a 5.5 inch screen, showing perhaps the company’s heritage in creating tablets and laptops but also in keeping with the modern trend of screens that you can actually use. It’s full 1080p Gorilla Glass and will show off the pictures taken on the 13mp rear facing camera to great effect. The body is made from a stainless steel alloy, too, so it will be durable despite only being 6.9mm thin.

However, it is the chip that is arguably the biggest, or at least most intriguing feature. The Z2580 is a dual core 2GHz processor and Intel hope that it will help forge inroads into the mobile chip industry. With that kind of processing power it should certainly eat through games and apps like Angry Birds and Football Manager at any rate.

The Lenovo K900 phone has been released in China and is slated for a July or August release in Europe and has an equivalent price of around £350 which would make it considerably cheaper than some of its direct competitors.

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