Lenovo Launches New Thinkpad S531

Lenovo thinkpad S531Lenovo launched a new 15.6” Thinkpad S531 ultrabook with HD screen, aluminium LCD cover, and can be can be configured with up to 10GB of memory and 500GB of internal storage.

Lenovo took the somewhat unusual step of launching its latest ultrabook during London Fashion Week rather than a technology or computer show. Don’t let this put you off straight away, though – it has some decent features, not least the full HD display.

The Thinkpad S531 looks good with a sand blasted and anodised LCD aluminium case. It also has a thin bezel and bevelled edges which Lenovo claim makes the device look like it is floating over the desk. Once you flip open the screen, which will open to an angle of 180 degrees and offers a range of unique ways in which it can be used, the design continues to offer clean and clear lines too.

Inside, you will find a third generation Core processor which makes it 15% faster than previous models. That the company haven’t opted for a Haswell processor is a little surprising but the device will run Windows 8 and you can choose from different configurations up to 10GB RAM and 500GB of internal storage. While prices start at £575 for the device, the closer you get to these specs the more gargantuan the price will become.

The whole experience is very much geared towards Windows 8. There are Windows 8 shortcut keys and the large touchpad supports Windows 8 gestures. Really, the only thing missing from the 8 experience is a proper touch screen.

On the note of the screen, though, you will get a full HD 15.6” screen that boasts anti-glare features too.

You can buy the Lenovo Thinkpad S531 right now and it is available at prices starting from £575 although this will be for the more basic configuration.

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