Lenticular Poster Is Only Fully Visible To Children

Lenticular PosterSpanish organisation Anar Foundation has launched a poster that is only fully visible to kids in a bid to encourage abused children to come forward with their complaints. Groups worry that children accompanied by somebody that may be abusing them are deterred from ringing phone numbers on posters but by creating this ad, which displays differently according to the angle it is viewed at, they hope to use the latest developments in technology to aid children.

When seen from the height of a child, a secret message is displayed and this includes the number for the childline. The group says that it will encourage more children to come forward because it will give them the courage that is needed.

The poster uses lenticular printing; a technique that has actually been used for decades to print moving stickers and 3D images. Recent developments mean that it has greatly improved, to the extent even that the technology could be used to create three dimensional images without the need to have to wear glasses in order to see them.

While the Childline poster is considered a first, it won’t be long before advertisers latch on to the idea. They will be able to catch the attention of children without their parents knowledge. Kids are the biggest spenders of their parents money and many advertising campaigns are geared specifically towards the younger generation rather than at adults.

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