LG And Google Already Making Next Nexus Mobile Phone?

google lg nexusIt is easy to argue that the partnering of LG and Google has certainly done favours for the mobile phone manufacturer and, according to the Korea Times, they are already moving on creating the next in the series. The Nexu 4 may have barely hit shelves but the paper says that the Korean manufacturer has held meetings with Google to discuss the manufacturing of the next deal. LG were also keen to discuss Google TV.

The Nexus line had humble beginnings. The first of the phones was effectively only sold directly through Google and it was considered a bit geeky for the mainstream crowd. However, since then, the Nexus has gone from strength and in its latest incarnation it not only represents a strong replacement for the Nexus 3 but it is also a genuine contender with other quality smartphones.

The Korea Times reports that executives from the two companies have been meeting recently to discuss the manufacture of the next model. Others predict that it is a Google TV device that is being discussed – a device that would relinquish the need to have a separate set top box.

A number of manufacturers have created what are essentially Google TV boxes but a true Nexus TV would mean that the Internet TV would be fully integrated. In the same way that we enjoy Freeview TV and FreeSat TV without having to have separate players we would also be able to enjoy a TV with Google features and Internet television shows and channels already on board.

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