LG Announce Launch Of LG G2 Smartphone

LG-G2-Emerges-in-Leaked-Photos-Shows-Back-ButtonsLG has unveiled the heavily rumoured and leaked G2 smartphone. It will have a massive 5.2” screen and will be powered by a beefy 2.26GHz quad core processor with 2GB of RAM.

The LG G2 has been on the cards for some time now with rumours, leaks, and unofficial photographs doing the rounds on the Internet for what seems like months. The company has finally joined in the furore by announcing the launch of what looks to be an extremely powerful and well stacked smartphone with some very high specifications indeed.

The LG G2 will, for obvious reasons, be a big phone indeed. It has a 5.2” Full HD touch screen that will prove the love of many a media watcher. Whether you’re playing the latest games or watching downloaded movies you certainly shouldn’t have to strain your eyes to be able to enjoy every last pixel on offer. In order to facilitate this whopping screen, the mobile phone manufacturer has opted to add the volume rocker and the power button to the back of the phone; a design that may well polarise opinion but enables the phone to survive with very little surrounding bezel and retain an 8.9mm thickness.

The 5.2” screen will be joined by a 2.26GHz quad core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM; yet more reasons why it will prove to be extremely useful for media, gaming, and apps.

The phone will come with the choice of either 32GB or 16GB of internal memory and it has a decent 13MP rear facing camera.

To ensure that all of your viewing and playing habits don’t eat away at too much of your battery life, the phone will also feature a 3,000mAH battery so you should be able to manage a few episodes of Golden Girls before you have to find the nearest power outlet and locate your phone charger.

The G2 will also have a slew of features that are designed to make the user experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. Included in these features is the Answer Me feature, which will automatically answer a call when the phone is lifted to your ear. Text Link enables users to collect, store, and use information that is found within the body of texts that are received too.

The LG G2 release certainly won’t come as a surprise but it does boast some mightily impressive specifications. With a processor that will rival most computers and a massive 5.2” full HD screen it is going to attract a lot of buyers.

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