LG Unveil G Flex Curved Smartphone

lg-g-flex-smartphone-leak-photosLG has unveiled the G Flex curved smartphone and aims to compete with Samsung and the Galaxy Round. More manufacturers are likely to follow suit.

It has taken manufacturers a while to realise that people’s heads aren’t flat, but it seems that word is spreading. Just weeks after Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Round curved smartphone, LG has announced its own ergonomically designed handset, called the LG G Flex. There are some big differences in the handsets, and not least the direction of the curve. The Galaxy Round curves from side to side while the LG G Flex curves from top to bottom, or from bottom to top.

There are other differences, besides the curve direction, too. While the Samsung has a 5.7” screen, LG has opted for a considerable chunk of screen real estate with a 6” design. This means that the Samsung will be slightly smaller and marginally lighter, so it is a question of whether you want the extra screen size or not.

Both handsets look a little like they’ve been left on the mantelpiece, just a little bit too close to the fire, and are reminiscent of a Salvador Dali picture but that’s not to say that they don’t look incredible. Curvy is great, after all.

The resolution of the screens certainly differs. The Round has a 1,920 x 1,080 full HD display while the Flex offers 1,280 x 720 HD display. This means that while the Samsung can boast 386ppi resolution, the LG has to shy away in a corner, attempting to conceal its comparatively meagre 245ppi.

The two phones do have similar specs in other areas though. Both will feature a 2.3GHz quad core processor so will have some fairly serious grunt to back up the unusual melted design. The Samsung does manage to muster 3GB of RAM rather than the LG’s 2GB of RAM though. Both devices have a 13mp rear camera and a 2mp front facing camera although we suspect that Samsung will offer the better quality features, apps, and camera software.

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The Samsung offers the better technical specifications despite having the smaller screen. LG, on the other hand, has opted for a bolder and, in our opinion at least, counter intuitive horizontal curve. They have proffered the slightly ambitious boast that it will provide IMAX quality surround sound when watching video but we think it will be down to which curve is best to determine which phone will sell.

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