LG Unveils The Fireweb Smartphone Using The Firefox Operating System

lg-fireweb-smartphoneLG has unveiled the Fireweb smartphone which utilises the Firefox operating system. Aimed primarily at emerging markets, the Firefox OS is proving popular with developers too, but will LG find success with the Fireweb?

The operating system war has really only concentrated on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Sure, there’s Blackberry 10 and Microsoft Windows operating systems too, but these select few have dominated the market with the two main operating systems accounting for the vast majority of market share. Firefox has recently entered the market but, in reality, it’s not really aimed at the likes of the well-developed UK market.

The reason that Firefox is unlikely to take the UK by storm is that it is a cheap operating system that doesn’t really have the frills and the bells and whistles of other systems. It is designed for emerging markets and, in the UK, we expect to pay a little more for phones. There is no place for a device that runs on the albeit remarkably cheap Firefox OS.

There will no doubt be a few exceptions, such as the Firefox ZTE Open but even this was sold solely on Ebay.

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LG obviously believes the same. They have launched the Fireweb, which is a 4” Firefox based smartphone. It has a 5mp camera, 1GHz processor, and 2GB of RAM. It is also being released by Telefonica in Brazil. While O2 may own Telefonica and have a they obviously have a presence in the UK there has been no word of a release here, and we’re not really expecting such news either.

It seems unlikely that the Firefox operating system is going to be taking any kind of a market share from Android or iOS, or even Windows, but it is promising to see new operating systems being launched. It may mean greater competition for the big companies, and competition leads to innovation and affordability.


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