Lionhead Hints At Fable HD And Fable 4

fableIt is less than a week from the beginning of the E3 exhibition and Lionhead Studios has taken the opportunity to tease that it may be launching an HD version of the original Fable game and that it may also be launching Fable 4 sometime in the near future. The Fable franchise has proven to be one of the most popular RPG franchises ever produced on games consoles and the launch of either of these titles would prove a massive hit with Fable fans all over the world.

The first Fable title was released on the Xbox in September 2004 and it is this version that Peter Molyneux and the rest of the development team are apparently considering updating. Updating original titles to modern HD equivalents is nothing new. Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, and Jet Set Radio are among some of the titles to have undergone similar treatment in the past. With the popularity of Fable, Albion lovers everywhere are almost certain to snap up a version of their beloved game.

Arguably more exciting, though, is the rumour that Fable 4 will be announced at E3 next week. Lionhead has previously stated that it will make chapters 4 and 5 of the main series but no other details have really been released. A new Fable forum has been launched on the developer’s website and it is now two and a half years since the release of the last full game in the series – Fable III was released in March 2011 although a Kinect specific Fable: The Journey was released in 2012.

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