Many App Store Apps Are Zombie Apps

app_storeRecent research conducted by the BBC has shown that a lot of the apps in Apple’s App Store, which turns five today, are zombie apps and are never or rarely downloaded.

It is five years to the day since the launch of the Apple App Store. There is no denying the incredible impact that it has had on the smartphone market and it makes it very difficult to imagine a smartphone world before downloadable apps came along. The iPhone was released nearly a year before the App store so what exactly did we do with the phone before that date?

According to recent research, though, the App store certainly isn’t without its problems. Apple chief executive Tim Cook told developers that more than 50 billion app downloads had taken place since the launch of the App store but one recent poll showed that around two thirds of smartphone owners use fewer than five apps a week and that many impulse buys are deleted or removed in a very short space of time.

Analyst firm Adeven says that of the 888,856 apps in the store, 579,001 are considered zombies. No exact figure can be attributed to how infrequently these aps are used because Apple does not publish this data, but a zombie app is one that has never featured in the top apps list that consists of 300,000 apps.

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Since the App Store launched, it is hardly surprising to learn that Angry Birds has been the most downloaded paid app with Fruit Ninja in second and Doodle Jump in third place. Angry Birds Seasons is in fifth place while Angry Birds Space is in 10th. When it comes to free apps it is the social networks that dominate the charts. Facebook is the most popular, Pandora the second, and Instagram the third most popular.

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