Microsoft Accidentally Ships Xbox One Early

Xbox-One-ConsoleMicrosoft has had to ban an Xbox One gamer from playing his console, as a small handful of pre-ordered devices have been delivered two weeks prior to the launch date of the console.

We’re nearly halfway through November and that means the next generation console wars are about to begin. Sony’s PlayStation 4 will take on the Microsoft Xbox One and, seven years after the release of the PS3 and 8 years after the release of the Xbox 360, it’s fair to say that gamers are getting a little excited. A small handful of gamers who received their boxed version of the Microsoft Xbox One were a little more excited than the rest of the world.

It is believed that two or three new consoles were shipped early to people that had pre-ordered the system. One user posted an update on Twitter, and a video on YouTube, showing that the system took 17 seconds to boot up. He also showed that he was able to download the first patch.

Twitter user Moonlightswami, and the other handful of lucky recipients, have been told that they are banned from going on the Xbox Live system until closer to the official release date.

Microsoft insiders have said that without the first patch, people will struggle to be able to do anything at all on the console. Allegedly, the console is shipping with an outdated version of the operating system, which means that the first patch will be used to update this to a usable version.

For gamers, having to download an update before they can start playing may prove a bind. Considering the vast number of people trying to download the same system files, and the fact that not everybody has access to fast broadband, there could be some disgruntled players forced to wait a few days before they can get their game on.

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