Microsoft Backtracks On Preowned Games Policy But Not Budging On Xbox One Price

xboxMicrosoft has, apparently, listened to gamers that were slightly miffed off about not being able to play preowned discs on the console and have retracted this concept.

At E3, the next generation console wars heated up considerably but there were a number of factors that conspired to ensure that it was Sony that enjoyed by far the greatest publicity. The PS4 will be considerably cheaper than the Xbox One.

Microsoft seemingly shot itself in the foot with the announcement that it would not be possible to play preowned discs on the new device and that gamers would have to log on to the Internet at least every 24 hours in order to continue playing their favourite games. The end result was a definite win for Sony.

Following the uproar that ensued, Microsoft has again backtracked (like they did with the Start button on the next version of Windows).

The tech giant has said that the machine will no longer need to connect to the Internet every 24 hours and there will be no restrictions on preowned games. They have said that this means it will not be possible to trade in or rent digital versions of games, however.

Another area where fans were particularly angry was over pricing. The Sony PS4 will be £70 cheaper than the Microsoft Xbox One and while Microsoft is getting into the habit of changing its mind, they have openly said that they are not readdressing the pricing of the Xbox One.

They have said that the addition of devices like the Kinect controller ensure that they still offer genuine and impressive value for money for features that will not be seen elsewhere. The company said that they now realise that gamers want the best of both worlds, with regards to digital and physical games, and that their change in policies will deliver this.

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