Microsoft Delays Launch In 8 Countries And Won’t Require Kinect To Work

Xbox-One-ConsoleMicrosoft has said that it is delaying the release of the Xbox One in eight European countries until next year and have also said that the system won’t require the Kinect in order to work.

Microsoft executives must be shattered and have calves of steel from the amount of back pedalling they’ve had to do in recent months. The console initially required a daily Internet connection, but now only requires a one-time connection during setup. The playing and purchasing of second hand games was going to be restricted, but the restrictions have now been lifted.

In another about-turn, the console manufacturer has said that it will not be necessary to have the Kinect plugged in to use the system, but that not having the Kinect connected, as it were, means that users will not be able to benefit from any of the features offered by the sensor.

This doesn’t mean that it will be possible to buy a bundle without a Kinect. At least, current plans are that there will be no bundle without a Kinect, but give it a couple of weeks and Microsoft may well reverse their decision in this respect too.

Microsoft has also said that 8 European countries that had previously been told they would get the system this year will now have to wait until next year. Originally, the launch was set for 21 countries to receive the console this year. However, it now transpires that Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland will have to wait at least a few more months before they are able to buy the device.

In order to appease those that have placed preorders in these eight countries, Microsoft has said that it will bundle a free game for those purchases so there’s some good news at least.

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