Microsoft Launches Updated Surface Tablets

Microsoft_Surface_ProMicrosoft has launched updates to its Surface range that it hopes will improve the fortunes of previously poor performing tablet devices. The Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 have a number of upgraded features.

Microsoft endured a difficult time with the release of their first Surface tablets. The move was taken in order to help push Windows 8 and Windows RT through its own devices rather than relying on other manufacturers and suppliers to opt for Windows over Android systems. While the tablets were actually quite good, they really didn’t enjoy the kind of sales and profits that Microsoft would have presumably been looking for.

The second generation of the Surface tablets offer some really quite big improvements.

The Surface 2 is an updated version of the original Surface RT. It has a full HD 1,080p screen and uses the Tegra 4 processor as has been rumoured for some time. The company claims that it will run three to four times faster than the original RT but has a battery that will last 25% longer too. Despite these improvements, as well as the availability of a swathe of attractive and genuinely useful accessories, the device is going to be released with a slightly smaller price tag than the original device which is really quite good going and should help ensure that the Surface 2 receives a good reception at least.

The Surface Pro 2 is an even more powerful beast; in fact, by using Intel’s latest processor, the Haswell, it will be faster than the vast majority of laptops on the market according to Microsoft, and it will be around 20% faster than the original device. Again, these improvements are made despite the tablet having an improved battery life – the Surface Pro 2 has a 75% better battery life than the original.

The improvements between the original lineup and the latest iterations of the devices are considerable and they are certainly easy to spot but the framework is also improved. Buyers will get full versions of Microsoft Office including Outlook and there are ten times as many Windows apps now available when compared to the time of the first Surface release.

Microsoft could be finding its feet following what could be described as a fairly disastrous first attempt at a tablet release. However, they will need to be able to convince buyers that the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are not only brilliant but warrant consumers forgiving the company for their earlier tablet failures.

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