Microsoft Release Details Of Illumiroom Gaming Technology

illumiroom gaming technologyThe frenzy surrounding the release of next generation consoles is well under way and while Sony have largely confirmed all of the necessary details for the PS4, Microsoft have yet to make a proper announcement. However, they have released details of IllumiRoom, a technology that they say brings gaming outside the confines of the TV and may well be included in the next generation of consoles.

IllumiRoom is a technology that can enhance or alter the gaming and multimedia experience. Effectively, a light projector would sit on a table in the room and project light on to the wall behind the TV screen. Images from the game or the whole picture can then be bled out from the TV to give a more in-depth and more immersive experience.

The technology would also use the Kinect sensor and webcam providing even more opportunities. For example, by capturing images of the room and then projecting these back it is possible to change the lighting and even appearance of the room itself, use dynamic measurements to avoid displaying images on furniture, and make images appear as though they are falling out of the TV and onto the floor. One of our favourite uses of this technology is the explosive effect that is essentially broadcast around the room to accompany gunshot and other explosions.

Microsoft has said that the IllumiRoom technology could be available for the next generation Xbox although rumours of a late 2013 release of the system means that it may not be available on launch.

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