Microsoft Smartwatch In The Making

microsoft smart watchSince it was rumoured that Apple were in the process of designing and developing a Smart Watch, it seems a number of other rumour mills have started grinding in a similar direction. Amazon have already thrown their hats in to the ring, and Sony actually released a Smart Watch of sorts last year. Microsoft is the latest to be subject to these rumours as it has been announced that their executives asked suppliers to ship them parts which could potentially be used to make a watch.

Wearable tech is supposed to be the next big thing. Google are developing Google Glass and Apple has the Watch. Possibly to avoid being too late to the party again, it is alleged that Microsoft has started to consider creating the watch.

The Apple iWatch is the device that started the flood of rumours. When they create a new technology, consumers tend to buy and savvy competitors tend to follow suit. Bloomberg reported that the company has employed more than 100 designers to create a design for a small computer that may be worn around the wrist; that certainly sounds like a Smartwatch to us.

Little has been “leaked” regarding the Microsoft Watch except that they have requested 1.5inch screens for use in their potential development. Everything seems to indicate that they are considering a move into the market, but may be waiting to see how their rivals perform. The Microsoft mobile platform lost out because it took so long to get to market and the technology giant is unlikely to want to suffer the same fate again.

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