Microsoft Surface Pro To Be Available In The UK Today

Microsoft_Surface_ProTablet computers are typically used for playing games like Angry Birds, maybe doing a spot of social networking, and watching a few videos and TV shows. However, Microsoft has decided that the tablet could do much more than this, if only it cost the same as a high end laptop. And so, the Microsoft Surface Pro was released to muted, almost non-existent fanfare in the USA and China. The technology giant has made the Surface Pro available in the UK too, but it is carrying a price tag of at least £719.

Effectively, the Surface Pro contains the full Windows 8 experience so whether or not you deem this to be a good thing or not may well determine the likelihood of you purchasing one. It also enables you to use the full Microsoft Office suite of tools and applications and it improves on various aspects of the original Surface tablet. It’s also thicker and heavier, presumably to fit in the massive Windows 8 files that are required. The stylus pen is exceptional, although there’s nowhere to store it so you may find that you need a replacement in a few months.

You can expand the memory of the Surface Pro and it comes with 2 tear off keyboards that are really very good too. Our biggest problem with the Surface Pro is that it is, primarily, a tablet, and it has a £719 or £799 price tag depending on the version you want and for a similar amount of money you could buy a laptop with really very good specs.

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