Microsoft To Launch Xbox Mini Media Player

xboxSony has learned from its console mistakes of the past and is ready to launch the Playstation 4, which will include cross game chat, but there has not yet been any official word on Microsoft’s rival Xbox machine. However, as is the trend with such releases, the rumours have started to fly regarding the release of what has been given an unofficial working title of the Xbox 720 – the Xbox Mini has also been rumoured and this seems unusual and interesting enough to have some merit to it.

Microsoft has sent out XBox headed invitations asking for people to attend an event which will showcase the next generation. The event will take place on May 21st and it seems highly likely that a concrete announcement will be made then. T

he majority of rumours regarding the 720 effectively just dispel previous rumours. For example, it is now claimed that the console will not require an always on Internet connection and it will not prevent gamers from playing second hand games (although we suspect both console manufacturers would love to get away with this).

The Xbox Mini is another Microsoft rumour that is gaining momentum. The Xbox Mini is said to be a small set top box that will have Xbox 360 functionality. It has been billed as being a rival to Apple TV and Google TV boxes and it will play Internet TV while offering access to online apps too.

The tiny device won’t have room for a disc drive and will instead offer access to Games on Demand – or so the rumours would have us believe anyway.

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