Microsoft TV Achievement Patent The Sign Of Things To Come?

microsoft tvA lot of onus was placed on using the Xbox One for watching TV and video content during the upcoming console’s announcement and a patent application for TV Achievements not only points to the rewarding of achievements for watching TV but also the possibility of gaining tangible, physical rewards. GamesIndustry International first spotted the patent application which also looks to reward gamers for watching ads during TV shows.

Microsoft has long offered the Achievement scheme to its gamers. Actions like finishing a game, hunting down collectables, and more specific actions awards Gamerscore and Achievements. While the points only really offer bragging rights they have proven a very popular addition with most gamers. They provide something extra for the player to strive for.

The addition of Achievements to TV viewing seems at odds with the whole system. It seems unlikely that you’re going to be willing to sit through an entire series of Glee just to bag a few hundred Gamerscore unless you really enjoy the show. The implication that viewers will receive Achievements for watching a certain number of advertisements during a show would seem to highlight that Microsoft want you watching ads and aren’t particularly interested in giving you rewards for doing so.

However, one part of the patent application that looks unique is the mention of virtual points and physical rewards. You never know, you could gain access to TV pilots and shows in exchange for sitting through the latest American show and enduring five minutes of ads (while you nip off and make a brew).

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