Microsoft Unveils Smart Bra To Help Counter Stress Eating

smart-braThe world of smart, wearable technology, has taken a deeper plunge into the depths of odd and slightly weird, as Microsoft has unveiled the Smart Bra that detects stress and anxiety.

Wearable technology is one of the latest developing trends that could change the way that we interact with the web and with the gadgets that we use on a daily basis. Smartwatches are available from a number of manufacturers, while Google has launched and is in the process of full testing on the Google Glass augmented reality glasses. Sony has applied for a patent for a smart wig that offers may functions, including sonar imaging that will enable wearers to “see” in the dark.

The next bizarre addition to the wearable tech sector could yet prove to be the smart bra from Microsoft.

The smart bra will monitor heart and skin activity in order to determine stress levels. The bra will then send an alert to the wearer’s mobile phone, alerting them that they are feeling stressed and to avoid over-eating as a result of heightened stress levels.

It is questionable whether a person really needs their bra and smartphone to tell them that they are stressed, and having clothes that tell you not to eat too much is getting a little bit too smart for our liking.

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According to Microsoft, they have tested similar items on men, but with no success. The technology giant said that testing on men failed because the sensors used in the technology were not placed close enough to the heart, although we suspect it would prove difficult to find many men willing to don a bra of any sort, smart or not.

A more popular choice of wearable technology is that of the smartwatch. Nike were early proponents of the idea and have two models in the Nike+ SportsWatch and the Fuelband SE. The Sportswatch looks as though it will be getting an update, having been released back in 2011, in the first half of 2014.

No details regarding the device are currently available, as this is only a rumour spread by the manufacturing arm of the sports retailer.

One area of smart technology that we think is still lacking is in smart prosthetics. A smart eye could perform many useful functions, and news that UK based company Fripp Design can print them using 3D printing technology for a fraction of the price could herald an era of new cyborg-like possibilities.

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