Microsoft Unveils Web Based Xbox Music

Xbox musicMicrosoft has launched its Xbox Music service as a web based application so that users can access their playlists on any non-Microsoft device that has Internet access.

The Xbox Music service that has previously only been available on Xbox 360 has now been opened up to the public by Microsoft. The new web based service is already live and it means that users will be able to access, update, and play their playlists from any Internet enabled device rather than having to rely on the use of their console.

To facilitate the change in direction, the new interface a responsive web design so that it will change size according to the dimensions of the screen that you use when you access the site. Whether you are logging on from your tablet or laptop, Xbox 360 or desktop computer, you will be able to enjoy unencumbered access.

Microsoft has also unveiled a 3D touchscreen monitor that they say could have medical applications as well as being ideal for gamers. The monitor utilises force sensors, an LCD touchscreen, and robotic arm.

Shapes on the screen are simulated by controlling the amount of resistance that a user experiences when touching, holding, and manipulating items on the screen. This will, apparently, give the effect of being 3D and the technology giant is currently working on the project at their Redmond site.

The robotic arm is used to ensure that the same amount of pressure is always applied back to the user. The robotic arm essentially pushes back against the finger until the right amount of pressure is applied. If the screen is pushed harder then the arm moves back and if the user reduces pressure, the arm will return. This enables the screen to feel as though it has the shape of the object that is being manipulated.

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