More Than 80% Of Third Quarter Smartphones Were Running Android

Android Fitness AppsRecent figures released by research firm IDC, show that Android accounted for 81% of all smartphone sales during the third quarter, with Samsung unsurprisingly taking the lead.

The battle between Android and iOS has, in some respects, been over for a long time. Not only is Android open source, but it is seemingly quite easy for smartphone manufacturers to customise, use, and sell. It can be adapted to be used on numerous device types, too, and this has helped it overtake Apple’s iOS. iOS, on the other hand, is only available on Apple devices, so it is not really surprising that it is losing out.

Recent figures show the exact extent of Android’s domination in the market. Research firm IDC shows that 81% of all smartphones sold during the third quarter of the year were packing the Android operating system. The figures also show reasonable gains for Windows Phone, and that nearly 40% more mobile phones were sold than during the same period last year. This is thanks, primarily, to lower average device prices.

Samsung is the expected leader in Android sales. Devices like the Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S4, as well as specialist devices like the Galaxy S4 Zoom have helped ensure that the Korean manufacturer remains on top of the smartphone market.

Unfortunately, the figures do not offer a breakdown of which specific devices sold the most.

However, they did show that Windows Phone is gaining ground on its rivals. The Microsoft operating system endured difficult early days and may well have failed if it wasn’t for Nokia’s unerring adoption of the system. Microsoft is now in the process of buying the Finnish phone manufacturer, so this should further cement the recent improvement in sales that the operating system has enjoyed.

Windows Phone shipments increased by a most impressive 156%, although even with this massive gain, the operating system is still only responsible for less than 5% of the market. Still, in terms of small acorns, Windows Phone is at least growing to become a reasonable sized privet bush.

While Apple actually saw an increase of 25.6% in total shipments for tis devices, it now only holds 12.9% of the market, compared to its previous 14.4% share.

The fact that Windows Phone is only really found on Nokia handsets, and iOS is only found on Apple, it’s fairly safe to deduce that the gap between Nokia and Apple sales is closing, and at a fair pace too.

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