More Than 900m Android Devices Now Activated

AndroidGoogle’s annual I/O conference has been a little devoid of meaty stories so far this year. It seems that the tech giant are going to stay true to their word of concentrating on software and not announcing the launch of any new hardware. Or to put it another way, they’re making this year’s conference as dull as possible. Of the few points of merit that have so far been mentioned is the news that more than 900m Android based devices have been registered thus far.

Android devices are competing on many fronts. Smartphones, tablets, Chromebook laptops, and even Android powered televisions and TV boxes can all be found. This means that the operating system and software platform had a very good chance to spread like a virus.

Two years ago, the company boasted that they had more than 100 million Android activations to their name but the explosion in smartphone and tablet sales has helped them eclipse this number. More than 500m activations occurred in the last 12 months and this means that there are now a staggering 900m activated Android devices in the world; roughly one for every eight people alive.

Despite this incredible number, Google is not resting on their laurels and have pointed to the fact that, in some target markets, they only have a penetration rate below 10%. Head of Android Sundar Pichai said that we now live in an exciting, “multiscreen world” and that this evolution has been largely responsible for the incredible number of Android activations.

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