Morrison employee arrested by West Yorkshire police after payroll data theft.

MorrisonsMorrisons have accepted that one of their employees has been arrested by West Yorkshire police after some-one stole a lot of payroll data from them in the last thursday. Around 100 ,000 staff members had their particulars pinched.

Provided information with bank account details and was submitted online.

Morrisons have stated that they maked sure the info was taken away off-line and that their employees wouldn’t be “financially disadvantaged” by the data theft. The retailer was also keen to state that this breach did not include anyone customer data.

They are also be doing a detailed review of their internal data security systems and also, if you are a staff member who is upset with all this, a helpline has been set-up . Morrisons has also contacted throughout the banks and are working together with them to make sure that everyone’s company accounts are are secure and protected.

However all the troubling news for the megagrocer as it comes on the back of the reported £176m loss and profit warnings

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