Motorola Starting Its Relaunch Program With Moto X

motorola Moto XIt has been some time coming, at least since Google purchased the once popular mobile phone manufacturer, but Motorola has finally announced a new smartphone handset in the shape of the Motorola Moto X. The announcement came from company CEO, Dennis Woodside, formerly of Google, and didn’t really include very much information. In fact, one of the vaguest price tags was announced and it was said that the phone would anticipate users’ needs.

Google purchased the Motorola handset division in May 2012 for $12.5bn. While the company had enjoyed some considerable success especially with lines like the Motorola Razr in the early years of mobile phone development, they had fallen by the wayside somewhat. The handset division was removed from the telecoms business and this led to Google’s acquisition of the handset division.

Initially, Motorola Mobility lost Google $271m during the year 2013 and despite many rumours and analyst predictions that there would be swathe of Google handsets hitting the market, the company have seemingly continued relationships with other mobile manufacturers. The Moto X could be the first step to a rejuvenated Motorola and to a greater partnership between the two.

Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola Mobility, said that the phone would anticipate the needs of the user so, for example, it would react differently when in the pocket to when out of the pocket. He also said that it would offer an experience like no other experience on the market. It’s difficult to see exactly where this will take the new line of mobile phone, especially as Woodside and colleague Regina Duga, head of Research and Development at Motorola, went on to talk about electronic tattoos and a vitamin authentication system.

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