Motorola Unveils Always Listening Voice Active Moto X Smartphone

367021-realistic-render-of-the-jelly-bean-4-3-powered-motorola-x-phone-from-tMotorola has launched its first brand new, unique phone since Google took over the company. The Moto X is described as “self-driving” by Motorola chief executive Dennis Woodside.

Following the Motorola Razr a few year back, Motorola has struggled to really set the mobile phone world alight. Sales dwindled following a number of poor performing releases but Motorola and owners Google hope that the new Moto X will change that.

The vast majority of the praises being sung regarding the new device are about the fact that it is not only voice activated but is always listening; something which Google would love to be able to do on a grander scale we suspect.

The Moto X is always listening and speaking the words “OK Google now…” will wake the phone up, prepared and ready to take your commands. Motorola Chief Executive likened the phone to the self-driving car developed and commercialised by Google saying that “this is the first self-driving phone” but what appears to be a relatively low budget smartphone actually has a few decent tricks up its sleeves.

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The camera of the phone, which is a decent 10mp affair can be activated with a couple of twists of the wrist and the shutter is activated by touching anywhere on the screen. It is also the first phone that will offer access to Moto Maker – this enables buyers to choose the colour of the front and back case and have their name or a short message engraved on the phone itself. For some, this will prove too gimmicky for them to care, but for others it will be a nice touch.

As well as the 10mp camera, the phone, which will obviously be running on Android, also has a 4.7” screen which may not be as big as the Galaxy S4 or HTC One but nor is the price tag, which is the equivalent of £132 on a contract deal, as big as those belonging to these high end smartphones either.

Motorola is steering clear of the high end market, which is becoming somewhat saturated with the likes of the iPhone, The S4, the HTC One, and top range Xperia phones.

Now for the bad news. The phone has not yet been announced for launch in the UK with an early August release date only being slated in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Motorola may be testing the popularity of the device before a European launch.

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