Nasa finds glass-like sea on Titan

imageNew radar measurements of an enormous sea on TitanSaturn’s second largest moon — has shown a mirror like smoothness.

This means the surface of Ligeia Mare, Titan’s second largest sea, possesses a glass like surface, sans any waves at all, possibly due to a lack of winds.

In what is the first ever insight into the weather pattern and landscape composition of the Saturnian moon, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has revealed the sea is really still.

Cassini bounced radio waves off the sea’s surface and then analysed the echo. The strength of the reflected signal indicated how much wave action was happening on the sea.

The radar measurements suggest the surface of Ligeia Mare is still. Cassini’s radar sensitivity in this experiment is one millimetre, so that means if there are waves on Ligeia Mare, they’re smaller than one millimetre.

“If you could look out on this sea, it would be really still. It would just be a totally glassy surface,” said Howard Zebker, professor of geophysics and of electrical engineering at Stanford, who is the lead author of a new study on this.

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