New Apple Mac Pro Details Released

apple MacBook ProApple has shown off the radical new design of its latest Apple Mac Pro while offering the specifications and release details of the innovative device.

The new Mac Pro design will polarise opinion regarding its design. The cylindrical shape is a far cry from the usual rectangular tower and there will be those that are opposed to the design – after all, you can’t reinvent the wheel and if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. There will also be those that wonder why nobody else has made the bold move before.

The Mac Pro will utilise new E5 Ivy Bridge processors and these have up to 12 cores. This means that the new Mac Pro will be blazing fast when it is finally released. The GPU will allow the use of three monitors at once but they have had to be redesigned by Apple themselves in order to fit in to the updated chassis design. You have to question whether it wouldn’t have been easier to opt for a slightly less radical design change because this means that owners will not be able to upgrade their graphics cards themselves.

However, it will be possible to upgrade the RAM. The Mac Pro will ship with ultra fast DD3 RAM and it seems that only that unique design will be the thing that limits the amount of memory you will be able to install yourself. There’s no word on exactly how big a hard drive we will be treated to but we do know that it will be Solid State.

In reality, there’s not all that much information yet available, but it is possible to describe the design in more detail. This is clearly the feature that Apple wanted to unveil the most and it will cause heads to turn.

Eschewing the usual rectangular design, the tech giant has opted for a cylindrical shape and the rounded edges mean that it will be equally at home in the living room as the computer desk. Of course, the Mac Pro is designed for work use so it’s unlikely just how eager you will be to shell out for a design that will often only be seen by colleagues.

Prices and exact release dates are not yet available but you should be expecting to pay an absolute minimum of £2,000 and waiting until the end of summer when the device is released.

We’re not sure of the benefit or viability of the new design, in the long run, but we really do like the Mac Pro’s new looks.

Why didn’t somebody do this sooner?

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