New Door Lock Uses iPhone As Security Key

kwikset kevo iphone lockThe smartphone has become so ubiquitous that virtually all of us carry our mobile devices with us wherever we go. In fact, we’re as likely to take our iPhone with us as we are our house keys. It stands to reason, then, that it would make for the perfect addition to a secure entry system. There will almost certainly be some security questions raised before the lock is released but the system would allow for entry using a key, keyfob, or your iPhone.

The lock system has been designed by Kwikset and will first be launched in the US in summer. The company says that the Kevo lock will work for about a year using just two AA batteries and there is no word, yet, whether the innovative system will ever make its way to the UK. The use of the iPhone as an entry system is seemingly a natural progression and it also allows for a few tricks and features that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to enjoy.

The Kevo enables users to be able to send a key to another iPhone user. You can send a key to a family member or friend so that they can unlock the door in an emergency. These keys can be provided so that they only work for a limited amount of time and then become obsolete which provides some level of security to the system. Keyless entry is nothing new but unlocking the house with your iPhone could be a useful security addition to your home (unless you lose your phone, of course).

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