New Samsung Galaxy To Be Unveiled On 20 June

Samsung GalaxySamsung have, in what has become the way of modern technology companies, announced that they will be making an announcement on 20 June regarding the next iteration of their flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone series. Most fingers are pointing to the device being the Galaxy S4 Mini although a number of other models have been mooted. The S4 was only released three months ago so it certainly won’t be the S5 but what could we expect to see?

The Galaxy range of phones is well known for its monstrous screen size and while many appreciate the additional space when playing games and watching video there are those that believe the screens make the devices too large. In light of this Samsung has previously released a Mini version of its phones.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini was , effectively, a pared down version of the full size SIII. It has a smaller screen with lower resolution, a 5mp camera instead of the 8mp camera in the full size version and a smaller battery and processor. It also carried a smaller price tag that made it an appealing and ultimately popular device.

Supposed images of the S4 Mini have been doing the rounds and it does seem that this is the most likely subject for the planned announcement. Samsung has rocketed in popularity thanks to the Galaxy range of mobile phones and they sold nearly 65m handsets in the first quarter of 2013.
The event will also see the launch of the ATIV ultrabook which is a high end laptop and will replace the existing Series 9 range.

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