New Sky+ HD Boxes Now WiFi Enabled

Sky_HD_BoxNew subscribers to the Sky+ HD package will now receive a WiFi enabled Sky+ HD box, negating the need for subscribers to have to buy the additional wireless bridge that was previously required for a wireless connection.

Sky has long encouraged its customers to connect their boxes to the Internet but this hasn’t been as simple as it sounds. Sure, there’s an Ethernet connection but not everybody has their home router sat right by the Sky box. Long wires or seriously limited On Demand was the end result, unless you were willing to pay additional money to buy the WiFi adapter that Sky sold separately.

The On Demand service is clearly something that Sky wish to push more. Not only do new subscribers receive the WiFi enabled box, but existing customers that are new to On Demand can receive the connector that enables them to get online.

Sky On Demand provides access to a large library of content including TV shows as well as thousands of movies. The shows can be downloaded or streamed and watched immediately. There is only a very limited selection available for those that don’t connect via Broadband and this is extended considerably for users that do connect their boxes.

Another area that Sky has been pushing is the Sky NOW service.

Sky NOW is essentially a contract free variation on the Sky Digital service. Users can pay a monthly fee, pay for a day pass, or pay per event in order to enjoy the 600 films and numerous sports events that you wish to watch.

There are a number of ways in which Sky NOW can be enjoyed and viewers can choose between their PC or tablet, as well as games consoles. A recent deal with LG means that LG TVs will now also include access to the service.

Sky themselves are set to show off Ultra HD TV at the IFA conference. The technology allows footage to be shown at 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution and Sky plans to show a loop of sports, documentaries, and movies during the event so that attendees can be among the first to witness and enjoy the high quality content.

A number of TV sets have already been released that are capable of showing footage in Ultra HD but an Ultra HD capable TV set is useless without the Ultra HD content to display on the screen. Sky clearly hopes to be the first to offer content of this quality.

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