Nexus 5 Will Match The iPhone And Launch At The End Of October

lg-nexus-5Reports suggest that the hotly anticipated Google Nexus 5 will launch and be available from the end of October, and it will match the iPhone 5 by including a 64-bit processor.

Reports are rife that Google is set to announce the launch of its next smartphone, in the shape of the Nexus 5. Like the Nexus 4, it will be manufactured by LG and sources state that it will match the iPhone 5 while costing around half the price of its competitor.

Competition between Google and Apple has always been strong since the launch of the Android mobile operating system. While Apple certainly has a loyal fan base, those that can’t afford the ultra-premium price tag attached to the iPhone typically look to Android as a viable alternative. This has seen the iPhone go head to head with a number of Android sporting devices including the Nexus 4.

The Nexus 4 was developed by LG. The phone is great to look at, had a pixel density of 318ppi from its 4.7” screen, and had a 1.5GHz quad core processor that meant it would happily play the latest games and enable users to benefit from the massive swathe of high quality apps available on Play Store.

The iPhone 5S, launched last month, however, blew it out of the water and not least because it was the first phone to utilise a 64-bit processor. This meant that everything was faster, smoother, and generally more powerful. At the time of the launch, it was predicted that other phone manufacturers would follow suit by implementing equally powerful processors in their own new devices. And so, it would seem, they have.

The Nexus 5 is expected to release with a 2.3GHz 64 bit processor coupled with between 3GB and 4GB of RAM so not only should it play everything on offer at the moment but it should be more than capable of dealing with future technological advances too.

The 5 will have a 5 inch full HD display with, if reports are to be believed, a massive 442ppi. It will also have 16GB of internal memory although we’ve not found any reports that would indicate whether or not the new phone will offer the capability to expand this memory; one of the few complaints with the last model was that the memory could not be expanded, so the addition of a microSD card slot would seem a sensible move.

It is reported that the Nexus 5 will be cost around £350 and will be available from late October.

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