Nike says Fuelband is here to stay despite Apple partnership rumours

Fuelband NikeSportswear maker Nike has said that it has no plans to ditch the Fuelband, despite speculation that the firm would ditch its hardware business and others claiming a planned tie-up with Apple.

It recently emerged that Nike was laying off staff in its digital sports division, the group responsible for making the Fuelband. Since then, speculation surfaced that Nike plans to ditch its hardware business altogether, and more recent rumours have claimed that the layoffs came as the firm looked to put its hardware resources into working with Apple on an upcoming wearable.

This could be the long-rumoured iWatch, or – as some reports have suggested – a fitness wearable named the iBand. This, according to Geektime, will be announced before Christmas, and will work as both a fitness tracker and a gestural controller for other Apple devices.

However, in a statement sent to The INQUIRER, Nike said that it is still committed to its Fuelband division, although the statement failed to mention whether we can expect any future hardware from the Nike brand.

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