Nike To Announce New FuelBand On October 15th

originalNike has said that it will be holding an event on October 15th and while they haven’t indicated what will be announced, reports suggest that it will be the latest version of the FuelBand smartwatch.

The smartwatch market has really heated up in the past few months with new entries and new models being released by a variety of different companies and manufacturers. However, while Samsung may only just be entering the market and Apple are expected to announce a smartwatch of their own, a couple of companies have been flying the flag for wearable tech for a while. Sports brand Nike are one such company, thanks to their FuelBand – a watch designed specifically for use by athletes and budding sportspeople.

Reports have suggested that the next generation of FuelBand will include a host of new and innovative features as well as upgrades and improvements to those that already exist.

It is believed that the heart rate monitor will no longer be passive. Wearers will have to pinch the watch in order for their heart rate to be measured and a more accurate reading taken. With such emphasis being placed on selling the FuelBand to active users, this could prove a big selling point if it emerges that the active heart rate monitor provides more accurate and better quality results than the passive monitor.

Other improvements and upgrades are expected to include Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and an improved data display.

There are other suggestions regarding the planned announcement. One suggestion is that the company could be ready to announce the launch of an Android app which would prove to be a massive change for the Nike team, who have so far declined the opportunity to launch as Android software.

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The FuelBand offers a goal orientated, unique approach to wearable tech of this type. Users set their goals at the beginning of the day and the watch essentially offers a progress update. LEDs on the watch change from Red to Green as the wearer nears their target.

The watch uses an accelerometer to measure motion and then combines this with information about your height, weight, build, and other physical factors. It can then estimate the number of calories that are burned so that users are able to set a target of running a particular distance or burning a specific number of calories before the day is up.

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