Nikon Launches New Coolpix P7800

nikon-7800-s02-4Nikon announced that it will be launching the Coolpix P7800 which is an update to the company’s top end digital compact camera, the P7700 and will cost £499.99 when it hits shelves.

Nikon has unveiled an update to its top end Coolpix line, in the shape of the P7800, which will replace the P7700 and brings a few changes to the popular handset. The company announced the update at this year’s IFA in Berlin.

The biggest update is the new and improved viewfinder. The new 921k dot resolution viewfinder is located in the top left of the camera and offers a very high resolution of image so that you can be certain that you photographing exactly what you want to. The addition of this does mean that there’s been a few minor changes to the layout of the buttons on the back of the camera.

Besides this layout change and new viewfinder there aren’t really that many changes. It has the same 12mp CMOS sensor and while it is widely considered a digital compact camera it has many of the features and settings that you would expect from a DSLR camera, with a mode dial on the top and controls for a variety of features and settings.

The Nikon Coolpix P7800 will hit shelves on September 26th and cost £499.99.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced the launch date for its Xbox One games console while also showing off its first TV advert.

The new advert for the Xbox One further reiterates the company’s stance that the device is more than just a games console. The ad does not feature a single game, which may well irk some gamers and is surprising considering the incredible quality of the games that have so far been announced.

In a press release the company said that the Xbox One will launch in all of the 13 initial launch markets on November 22nd. They said that the new console has arrived following years of creating innovative technology and listening to gamers.

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This release date means that while the Xbox One will arrive a week later than the PS4 to US shelves it will come a week earlier in the UK – will that help it gain market share?

What’s more, the One will have a slightly improved CPU compared to the Beta and compared to the previously provided figures. Instead of the 1.6GHz processor that was being used, it now features a 1.7GHz processor which makes it 150MHz faster than the Beta version of the console.

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