Nintendo 2DS Is Like A DS With Broken Hinges

Nintendo-2DSTechnology giant Nintendo has announced a new handheld system, called the 2DS. The device has two screens but no hinges so is more slab than clamshell.

Nintendo aren’t known for doing things in a traditional sense. Releases like the Gameboy, the Wii, and the 3DS have changed the face of gaming but they do sometimes get it wrong as well. The Wii U has not sold at all well, with a number of retailers even removing it from shelves and it is difficult to guess whether the newly announced 2DS will prove a hit or a major, massive, miss.

The 2DS is similar to the 3DS and DS before it, in many respects. This means that kids will be able to play virtually the entire catalogue of games available for these handhelds. There are a few titles that use the Gameboy Advance slots and the lack of these slots means that such titles will not be playable on the new, odd looking device.

There are a number of factors that ultimately determine the success of something like this and the range of games available is important. Nintendo seemingly has this wrapped up and there will be a slew of new games released in coming months. Price, too, looks decent. There’s no official word on the UK price but it shouldn’t cost more than about £100 when it does launch. That’s cheaper than tablets and other gaming consoles so could prove a winning price point.

The design of the device is unlikely to win any kind of awards for Nintendo. It is basically like the 3DS but in more garish colours and a single slab like case rather than a more convenient folding one.

Nintendo have lost their way a little in recent months and we’re not convinced that the 2DS is going to reignite the love that people had for the Wii.

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