Nintendo 2DS Launched In UK For £109.99

Nintendo-2DSThe Nintendo 2DS handheld console has launched in Australia, North America, And Europe. The device will cost UK gamers £109.99 and will appeal to those that don’t like hinges.

Nintendo has enjoyed some incredible successes over the years, not least in the release of the Wii and in the release of the handheld DS device. The original device was unique for offering two screens, one of which was a touch screen, and it helped further cement the company’s place near the top of gaming manufacturers. It also spawned a number of updated models including the 3DS.

The 3DS offers glasses-free 3D gaming but has not exactly set the world alight. Sales figures have been disappointing, although good enough to ensure that the device continues in production.

One of the standout features of the whole DS range is that it is a hinged device that can be flipped open and played. This offers the convenience of being portable and it provides protection for the screen but it also allows gamers the opportunity to open the device up and play using both screens.

The biggest feature of the 3DS, of course, is the three dimensional viewing that it offers.

The Nintendo 2DS, then, is something of a strange anomaly. It still has two screens and it looks as though it should hinge in the middle but it doesn’t. The always-open device is also lacking in 3D capabilities and this could be viewed as a retreat by Nintendo.

However, what the device does offer is access to a cheap version of what is a high quality handheld console with some great games.

The 2DS has now launched in the UK as well as North America and Australia. Whereas the 3DS costs £139.99 and the larger 3DS XL costs £164.99, the 2DS costs just £109.99.

The 2DS comes with a couples of styluses, an SDHC card to store game saves and other media on, and adapter and AR cards. It also provides owners with the chance to the same multiplayer, online, and additional features that the 3DS has to offer.

With just £30 difference in price between the original 3DS and the 2DS it is difficult to see why you would want to buy the new model, unless you really dislike hinges or are slightly unhinged yourself. You can always turn the 3DS to 2D gaming if you get motion sickness after all.

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