Nintendo 2DS Price Dropped To £99 Already

Nintendo-2DSThe Nintendo 2DS has only been on shelves for a few days but it has already seen its price dropped to £99 by a number of retailers. Could it be a sign of things to come?

Nintendo has gotten so many things right in its history. The Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the handheld Gameboy, and the Wii can be considered resounding successes. They not only helped to make Nintendo one of the biggest brands in the world but they also changed the way that we gamers can enjoy our games. With the Wii, it can even be argued that gaming was finally considered acceptable with men and women of all ages and no longer the thrall of spotty teenage kids. Gamers no longer need to hide and, for that at least, we should all thank Nintendo.

However, for every Nintendo success there is a failure or a stuttering launch. Few gamers will even remember or have heard of the Virtual Boy while the Wii U is only a successor to the original Wii in name and looks almost guaranteed to fail in the long term. The 3DS, while a great concept and with a reasonable following, has hardly set the world alight in the same way as the original DS either.

The Nintendo 2DS was a strange idea to begin with. It took everything great about the DS and 3DS and, aside from the dual screen technology, dropped it. There’s no conveniently hinged screen and therefore no protection for the touch screen. There’s also no three dimensional gaming. There is, however, access to all of the DS and 3DS titles that are on the market and a price tag that was already considerably lower than just about any of its competitors.

The handheld console, which takes the unusual step of bragging about its inferior technology, was launched with a price of £109 in the UK on 12 October. A number of retailers have already reduced that price to just £99, possibly signalling a sign of things to come.

Argos is even offering the console plus Lego: Lord of the Rings and Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed for £99. That’s an impressive saving. The console alone is also selling for £99 in Sainsbury’s stores. Tesco and Asda are offering the same price and so too is online retailer Amazon. £10 is a significant drop in price on a £109 device, especially considering it has only been on shelves less than a fortnight.

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