Nintendo Angers Gamers By Saying It Will Profit From Their Game Footage Clips

NintendoNintendo is running a bit low on cash, at the moment, it would seem. The company has endured a torrid time with the release of its new Wii U system. It was bigged up by the technology manufacturer but it failed to make the kind of sales that consoles like the original Wii and handheld systems like the 3DS have made. In fact, following a slump in sales, the original Wii is outselling its apparent replacement.

Nintendo’s original target for the Wii U, which features a touch screen controller that can be separated from the console and used to continue playing games away from the main unit, has now sold around 3.5m units. This is some way short of the firm’s original 5m target and still skinny when compared to their revised target of 4m units. Things do not look especially good for the Wii U.

In a bid to try and generate some extra revenue, the manufacturer has said that it will be introducing ads into YouTube and social media clips that users create that feature Nintendo games. Nintendo have attempted to dress it up as a positive by pointing out that they have not put a block on the use of their footage like some other companies have. A number of gamers, including those that regularly upload Let’s Play clips, have said that they will not be playing the games until the problem is resolved.

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