Nokia Agrees Deal To Offer Free Netflix Access To Lumia Buyers

img_Nokia_Lumia_625_w_netflix_356×267Nokia has put pen to paper and agreed a deal that will see Lumia buyers receive free access to TV and film streaming service Netflix. The deal is available in selected phones through Vodafone and Phones 4U.

Nokia has attempted to revitalise its smartphone and mobile phone sales in recent years. While they once held an unassailable lead in the mobile phone market, they have found it difficult to keep up with the likes of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy series. They still hold a significant share in emerging markets but they have struggled with smartphone sales.

The choice to use the Windows operating system, rather than Android or Symbian, certainly raised a few eyebrows although it could well have been the catalyst behind Microsoft’s ongoing purchase of the mobile phone giant.

The Lumia range of smartphones, which utilises the Windows based mobile operating system, has helped to generate sales and the introduction of phones like the 41mp camera wielding Lumia 1020 certainly shouldn’t be harming their efforts.

In a bid to try and muster up further interest in their range of smartphones, Nokia has penned a deal with streaming service Netflix. Under the agreement, Nokia will foot the bill for the free access that they are offering certain customers.

Buyers that purchase a Lumia 625 or Lumia 925 on Vodafone will receive six months of free Netflix access while buyers of the Lumia 1020 will get a whole year. Phones 4U customers that purchase a 1020 will receive free access to the Netflix service for six months too.

Netflix has become the biggest and most popular of all Internet TV services; so much so, that they have released a number of exclusive series including Orange is the New Black. They have also commissioned a new psychological detective drama that is due to start production in 2014. When Google released the Chromecast Internet TV dongle, they initially offered three months of free Netflix access but had to withdraw the offer after a few days because of the popularity of the offer and the device.

It has also been reported that Netflix is in discussions and contract talks with other cable and set-top box providers in order to offer their service to a greater number of people.

Netflix is a monthly subscription based streaming and download service. As well as films and TV shows, the service also has its own exclusive series for viewers to watch and they only look like getting bigger.

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