Nokia Announces Plans To Launch A Phablet Later In The Year

nokia-lumia-phablet-5Nokia, who are yet to enter the phablet market, say that they will launch their first massive screened quad core phablet device powered by Windows Phone 8 by the end of the year.

Nokia is very much committed to the use of the Windows Phone mobile operating system and with phones like the Lumia series helping to add some much needed life to the firm’s it is easy to see why they are running with it. However, the current iteration of Windows Phone 8 does have its limitations – specifically, it is not possible to create 1080p or Quad Core powered devices using this operating system. However, a proposed update to the operating system means that this will soon be possible after all.

No official word has been given on when the GRD 3 update will arrive, but it is this update that will enable Nokia to enter the phablet market. It will allow for the manufacture of 1080p and quad core powered devices.

Of particular note is the fact that chief executive Stephen Elop said earlier in the year that he believed quad core processors were a waste of battery life and did not really enhance the user experience. Producing any kind of a device, whether it is the announced phablet or the rumoured full size tablet, with a quad core engine will represent a total turnaround in the company’s stance.

Rumours suggest that Nokia will announce their new phablet device on September 26th although it seems likely that they will want to wait for some news from Microsoft regarding the GRD 3 update – without the update it would be impossible for Nokia to produce a phablet that would compete with the existing line of Android devices that are packing quad core processors.

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