Nokia Lumia 928 Leaked On Nokia Teaser Site

Nokia LumiaA print ad published in Vanity Fair alerted the world to the upcoming release of Nokia’s next flagship phone and following a billboard ad that was also displayed, Nokia have launched a teaser site for the phone. The Lumia could help turn around Nokia’s fortunes and it is also being heralded as among the best of the available Windows phones. It could prove an alliance that really does benefit both parties.

Nokia announced its first quarter results in April this year and while the company didn’t perform as well as they did in the last quarter of 2012, they had sold an impressive number of Nokia Lumia smartphones. In fact, it sold 5.6m handsets in the period – this doesn’t necessarily bring them close to Samsung or Apple sales but it still makes them a force for the competition to reckon with.

In the Lumia range, Nokia has adopted the Windows Phone operating system as its sole operating system option. You won’t be finding any Android iterations but the Lumia version of Windows Phone has received much critical acclaim. The range of phones is also varied which has undoubtedly help them to shift more units.

The main area of attention with the Vanity Fair ad and with the new teaser site is very much the camera that is part of the package. It will feature PureView and have a high quality Carl Zeiss lens and it will also have optical image stabilisation to make sure all of your shots are the best quality possible.

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