Nokia Unveils New Tablets And Phablets

nokia-lumia-phablet-5In what could prove to be the company’s final big unveil before becoming part of Microsoft, Nokia has announced its first phablets and its first tablet computer. They feature some quite attractive tech, but will it be enough to increase Windows market share before the proposed purchase of Nokia is completed by the computer giant?

Microsoft has agreed to buy Nokia for a figure reported to be just under £5bn. The deal has yet to be completed although it seems unlikely that there will be any hurdles that are major enough to completely derail the plan. Analysts predict that the move will be a successful one and will give Nokia the kind of marketing budget that have helped companies like Samsung and Apple rule to smartphone market. It should also enable Microsoft to take a larger share of the mobile operating system pie.

As part of the deal, Microsoft are paying to use the Nokia licence and brand for a period of ten years. CEO Stephen Elop has said that a lot can happen in ten years and that once the licensing period ends there may not be any more Nokia branded phones released. He has hinted that Microsoft phones could be branded simply as Lumia phones.

Meanwhile, the world has a few more Nokia devices to consider before the move is finalised. The 1320 and 1520 are 6 inch phablets and this means that they do have fairly mammoth screens. Nokia has said that this allows for the addition of more icons on the home screen and will improve the usability of the touch screen keyboard. They also intimated that the device may prove suitable to business users that use productivity apps and software.

The Beamer app will allow for wireless streaming to web browsers on other displays while the Refocus camera app takes multiple photos with different focus settings and then enables users to change the focus of the picture after it has been taken.

The 2520, on the other hand, will be the Finnish manufacturer’s first foray into the tablet market. It is the only non-Microsoft manufactured Windows RT tablet. Many companies have ignored RT because it is essentially a pared down version of the full Windows 8 experience.

The new devices do offer some unique features but neither are especially ground-breaking. The 2520 tablet, especially, is covering old ground and basically competes with the Microsoft Surface range. Once Microsoft is in charge it is questionable whether support will continue for both.

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