Nook Prices Slashed Again To £99 And £149

nook hd plusBarnes & Noble has announced a further reduction in the price of the Nook HD and the Nook HD+, now costing £99 and £149 respectively.

Since the introduction of the iPad, many companies have leapt on the tablet computer bandwagon. Devices like the Nexus 7 have led the way in offering a quality tablet experience at a fraction of the price of an iPad while Amazon evolved its own Kindle ebook reader to become a full, albeit slightly basic, tablet computer. The devices have even spawned their own niche devices, in the shape of the convertible device which offers the features of both laptop and tablet.

Barnes & Noble also have the Nook and while it performed OK as an e-reader they have struggled to take any decent amount of market share away from their rivals. The Kindle Fire HD is the closest competitor to the Nook and Amazon’s device is a lot more popular.

In order to try and level the playing field a little more, Barnes & Noble have announced a second price cut for their Nook HD and Nook HD+ devices.

The Nook HD only arrived on our soil at the end of last year and its £159 price tag has already been cut twice so that it is now available for a meagre £99. The more advanced Nook HD+ cost £229 when it arrived but will now set you back just £149. Impressive reductions but we still think that the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD represent better value for money.

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One device that should be getting more attention, however, is the Barnes & Noble Nook basic model. It remains a dedicated ebook reader and following a price cut in April is available for as little as £29. If all you do is read books on your e-reader then the Nook is very difficult to beat.

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