Nvidia Says Microsoft Are Working On A Successor To Surface Tablet

Microsoft_Surface_ProAccording to report from Nvidia, Microsoft is working on a successor to its Surface tablets, which have so far proven unpopular with critics and buyers alike.

Microsoft has endured some relatively dismal sales with its Surface range of tablet devices but they are seemingly undeterred by this. Nvidia has confirmed that the company is working on a successor to the touch screen device. Nvidia have said that, despite the lacklustre performance of the first device, they are confident that there is a solid and profitable future in the Microsoft tablet range.

Microsoft have slashed the price of the Surface and Surface Pro tablets several times in the past couple of months but were still forced to take a $900m loss on stock that they simply couldn’t shift.

Tablet devices have forced sales of desktop computers and laptops downwards over the past year and the release of the Surface was seen as a move by Windows to try and make up for diminishing profits. The device has a 10.6” touch screen display and is powered by a quad-core processor provided by Nvidia. It has 2GB of RAM and buyers can choose between a 32GB and a 64GB model. It also has a front facing camera but despite the specifications for the device, it simply hasn’t sold well with most buyers option for Android powered devices over Windows 8 powered tablets.

The fact that Microsoft are working on a successor would indicate that they know why the original Surface did not meet sales expectations and have made moves to put things right. Nvidia are obviously working on the new processor although it could be some time before we see the Surface 2. Microsoft has previously tested the Snapdragon 800 processor that powers the newly announced LG G2 smartphone.

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