Nvidia Shield Delayed Until July

nvidia-shieldThe tepidly anticipated Nvidia Shield may have dropped in price but its recently announced 27th June launch date has been put back to sometime in July due to unforeseen problems during the testing phase.

The Nvidia Shield is a mobile Android gaming device that has a lot of great features to offer but also had a massive price tag. Big price tags are usually associated with hardcore gamers while Android is a name that is more normally associated with mobile and typically lower quality games. The mix was, therefore, a little odd.

Earlier this month saw Nvidia attempt to address this problem. They not only announced a 27th June release date for the device but they also shaved £30 off the price so that it would cost “only” £195 on the day of release.

Of course, if the device doesn’t hit shelves then its price tag is entirely irrelevant.

It’s only been a few weeks since Nvidia announced the system’s launch date but they experienced unexpected and unforeseen problems during the testing phase. This has led to the graphics chip manufacturers to postpone the release until these teething problems are rectified.

The new launch date? July… At the earliest.

The Shield has a quad core processor and 72 core GPU. It will also feel natural to console gamers because the controller, which is hidden under the closed screen, is very similar to those deployed on consoles the Xbox and Playstation. It has a 5 inch 720p screen which is only really OK because it gives 294ppi. There are budget smartphones with similar specs. In all honesty, then, the device looks to have its limitations.

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We do like the concept of the Nvidia Shield. More specifically we love the idea of Gaming ATK (Away From The Keyboard). It means that devices and consoles can concentrate on processing graphics and providing a top quality display while servers handle the grunt work.

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