NVidia Shield Handheld Console Will Be Expensive But Impressive

nvidia shield handheldNvidia are best known for the manufacture and even invention of graphics cards but they will be releasing a handheld console called the NVidia Shield this year. A recent announcement indicates that it will be expensive; in fact, you could buy two 3DS XL consoles for around the same price, but it has a number of features that mean there will be a hardcore niche that develops around it.

When released in June in the US, the Shield will have a price equivalent to £229. You could almost buy an Xbox 360 and TV for that but you would look a bit stupid carrying them on the bus with you. Experts believe that the Shield is being viewed more as a showcase of the technology that Nvidia has to offer to manufacturers and developers.

If this is the case, then Nvidia have done well. It features the new Tegra 4 chip which has a bewildering 72 graphic processing cores and four CPU cores. It is an Android based device and the controller shape of the device will prove appealing to a lot of gamers making the transition from living room consoles. However, it isn’t all gleaming praise for the Shield.

The Shield has a 5 inch 720p screen. This means that while the processor will eat up rich graphics, the screen will not necessarily be the best for displaying them. If the screen hampers the appearance of the graphics then all that the high powered graphics chip brings to the device is a ludicrously large price tag so is it really worth the extra money when compared to a PS Vita?

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